I get asked a lot about choosing crystals and how to select them based on life circumstances. Here are some recommendations on the most common reasons people buy crystal jewelry.

Healing from heartache 

Black TourmalineDanburiteRose Quartz

Celebrating friendship 

AmethystQuartzRose QuartzPink Tourmaline 

Recovering from illness 


Focus for studying 

FluoriteSmokey Quartz   

Finding love 

Rose QuartzClear QuartzAqua Aura 

Dealing with grief 

Rose QuartzSmoky QuartzLepidolite 

New parent 

Tangerine QuartzAmethystCelestiteChrysocolla 

Recent graduate 


Acquiring success & wealth 


Healing from anxiety & stress 

LepidoliteDanburiteAmethystFluoriteBlack Tourmaline 

Strengthening physical health & wellness

Green TourmalineClear Quartz 

Have something specific in mind? Email me any questions! These are just my go-to's. There are so many ways to use individual crystals. Each and every wearer brings their own energy... There is never a wrong crystal.